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While matters were in this undecided state came the dreadful catastrophe at Ashtabula, in which Bliss was killed — but Major Whittle himself has told the story in these words : "A week before Mr.

Bliss left me he was writing at the table one day, and he read me a letter he had written.

2 HISTORY OF TRUMBULL COUNTY I said I did not know anybody ; but if he would consecrate himself to God someone would be raised up to accompany him. Bliss was one of my dearest friends; my name is Mc Granahan.' There stood before me the very man whom Mr. We went to Chicago; and there it pleased God to give my brother a great blessing in his soul." During the following eleven years Mr. Root was principal, also carrying on his convention work and composing glee, chorus and class music.

Mc Granahan and Major "Whit- tle were associated in evangelistic work in various parts of United States, Great Britain and Ireland, but before entering into the details of his great career it is well to learn what were Ms preparatory steps. Then came the eleven years of his harvest, both of fame and regenerated souls, in association with Major Whittle and his talented, faithful and Christian wife.

When holding meetings at Worcester, Massachusetts, a draught which had not been noticed laid aside for the time being all the female voices, and he found himself with a chorus of male voices only.

For more than a decade his voice and pen carried the Gospel to thousands of hearts, and as an evangelist he stood related to Major D. Mc Granahan was besieged on all sides by unqualified advice and enthusiastic solicitation urging him to adopt an operatic career.