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CHAT STATUS PRIVILEGES There are three levels of chat status each with a different chat bar color.As a new player, everyone starts out with Good Standing.Trusted - Trusted accounts will receive more chat privileges than other users in either Good Standing or Untrusted status.In order to achieve Trusted status, you will have to continuously say good, trusted things that help fight the Darkness and make the Idea Seeker Universe a great place to make new friends and meet up with old friends.Good Standing players will type their chat in a white chat bar.WHAT HAPPENS WHEN YOU GET CLOUDED: However, if you get tricked by the Darkness and His Clouds of Chaos to say Dark Words and become a Warrior Drone for the Darkness (by using swear words, mean or unkind words, talk about unsafe things or if you use a lot of words King Daveau doesn't recognize on Sarillion because of really bad spelling or slang) your ability to chat will get more limited.You will achieve Untrusted status after breaking the chat rules.

It's okay to tell other kids your first name, age, gender, and the country you live in (state, province or territory is ok too), but that's it!At a Good Standing level, players are usually behaving mostly well but occasionally might say something inappropriate or spell words wrong a lot.You will receive a notice when you are half way to either achieving Trusted status or a warning when you are close to losing chat privileges and going to the Untrusted Warrior Drone level.Good Standing - Good Standing players are at the basic level of chat privileges.

They do not have as many chat privileges as Trusted status players but are not nearly as limited as the Untrusted Warrior Drone players.

To change from being an Untrusted Warrior Drone you can earn back Good Standing status by offering to help other players with a tour or helping them learn how to make outfits, decorate their house, or grow in their garden by doing two of these four tasks: You will receive a notice when you are half way to achieving Good Standing status.