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It involves finding some excuse to get into your date's apartment, getting naked while he or she leaves the room or looks away, and waiting for a response. The Front Porch Test: Created by Lily, this test provides people a look into their future with their current relationship.If you can see yourself being happy enough with another person that you could sit on the front porch and play bridge with them all day by the time you become old and gray, that person is right for you.At first glance the only thing that jazz and baseball seem to have in common is that both have been the subjects of Ken Burns documentaries, the histories of the two institutions are very much intertwined, and the word is even older, dating to 1842, and probably related to the slang term for seminal fluid — that sexual sense isn’t recorded until 1899, but it may be much older, with prudery and censorship keeping it off the printed page for many decades.Various African words have also been suggested as the source, but while those might work if would break out into the wider world during the next baseball season. ‘Scoop’ Gleeson writes in the of 6 March 1913: Everybody has come back to the old town full of the old ‘jazz’ and they promise to knock the fans off their feet with their playing. Why, it’s a little of that ‘old life’, the ‘gin-i-ker’, the ‘pep’, otherwise known as enthusiasalum [sic].To top it all off: high-tech, noise-reducing headphones I bought when Marshall and Lily first got back together and were doing it a lot."Five Words: According to Ted, these are the five words every person says at one point or another that they will eventually come to regret.These five words are different for each person, but some of the more common ones are "We should buy a bar," "We should start a band," and "I can walk that far."Apartment Roller Luge: Invented by Robin in Marshall and Lily's slanted apartment in Dowisetrepla.

Next, I constructed blinders out of an old cereal box.

The Olive Theory: Marshall and Lily claimed they were a perfect couple because of Marshall's hatred of olives and Lily's love of them, which creates a perfect balance.

However, this theory is proved wrong when Marshall reveals he actually likes olives.

Marshgammon: A game invented by Marshall that he describes as having "all the best features of all the best games: Candy Land, I Never, Pictionary." It shares half of a name with Backgammon, but according to Marshall, that game is trash. Pause Function: Marshall and Lily's brilliant idea that during an argument, couples are allowed to pause to do something else.

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Throughout the series, Marshall and Lily have used it for many reasons—but mostly for sex.The original meaning appears to have referred to a particular style of play which relied on bunts, stealing bases, and minor hits, rather than on flashier tactics, such as home runs.

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