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And I say Asheville has smaller mountains but greater interracial relationships.” Wilson talks carefully, but always with a layer of conviviality beneath his words. ’ and at this point I’m like, ‘What is it that you want from me?He makes an effort to smile, which is why someone may have been prompted to tell him recently that “He’s one of the good ones.” Anyway: “I was taking the bus down to Denver and as we were standing in line, a security guard asked me for my ID and nobody else. He said, ‘We just got a complaint that somebody took something.’ And I didn’t feel comfortable asking him why I was the one singled out because it might escalate the issue. I’m pretty sure somebody could’ve called and said, ‘There’s a black guy wearing a blue shirt,’ and I just happened to fit that profile. I was walking somewhere and they wanted to know what I was up to because they had heard about some robberies in the area,” Jones says. ’ And so he’s trying to be all matter-of-fact about it.

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“So through my friends, the only identifying thing was that I was a tall, black girl. “There were definite levels of leeriness for white girls dating black guys in school, whereas a white guy dating one of the biracial girls was seen like an exotic — it sounds so gross — but I once went out with a guy, and he was like, ‘My friends were really impressed because I got to go out with the girl that was exotic.’ I was like what the f— . Wilson and Amaru both question why black people are not represented on City Council or in city government — Wilson says he can name just about every black person who works for the city.

Wilson moved to Boulder a year ago from the East Coast.