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11-Mar-2014 02:22

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You can also work on making your relationship achieve a higher priority in your life, if that in fact has started to slip.

Considering your partner when making decisions or simply deciding to value the relationship more will also bring up your overall closeness scores.

Although other measures of relationship quality exist, what’s new about the approach taken by Dibble and colleagues is that it is short (12 items) and that it focuses specifically on how the respondent feels about the relationship under scrutiny.

Other measures don’t have this first-person point of view, take longer to complete, are outdated, or focus only on romantic, but not other, types of close relationship.

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University of Hawai’i psychologist Jayson Dibble and coauthors Timothy Levine and Hee Sun Park decided to create a measure to assess this unique quality of close relationships.

It is also interesting that some people rated their relationships with strangers as higher than 1; suggesting that even in a brief contact, people can start to form minor interdependencies among people they do not know at all.