Controversy about carbon dating

14-May-2014 02:49

About the only thing known for sure is that nobody has been able to duplicate the image.

But even if this is a first century artifact, are there any indications that it might be Jesus?

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Finally, there was an earlier dating than the 1988 one.

Medieval artists always depict the nails in the hands of the crucified Jesus, not in his wrists. 350." So what about the bold claims that the Shroud is obviously a forgery?

In fact, there are some fake shrouds from the Middle Ages: though apparently copies of the Turin Shroud, every one of them moves the nails to the palms. One of the authors, Kenneth Stevenson, was part of the 1978 Shroud of Turin Research Project (STURP).

Regarding the test methodology itself, a true scientific double blind study was never conducted.

Though there were dummy samples, the labs knew which samples were which.

The samples were all taken from the bottom of the Shroud, only a few centimeters from a repair site due to the 1532 fire.