Dating clare

05-Aug-2015 19:54

After school when Clare arrives home, she is wearing a dress and is lighting candles around the house and talking on the phone with Alli, and Clare admits to her that she is falling for Jake a little bit.

When she gets close to her mother’s desk, she sees her and her father’s divorce papers sitting out in the open.

The two begin talking about what happened the night before and their own relationship, which they both seem comfortable in.

Jake says he’ll cancel with Katie for movie night and can hang out.

Despite having feelings for Jake, Clare tries to hide them, worried about getting into another relationship.

Clare can't stop thinking about him and is advised by Alli to just go for it.

After reuniting, Clare believes she is ready to take the next step, and have sex with Jake, but after realizing he can't give her the forever he thinks that she wants, Jake can't bring himself to go through with it and leaves.