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11-Jun-2015 04:35

The study of self-disclosure has a long history in psychology.

Carl Rogers, founder of client- (or person-) centered therapy believed that the majority of people with psychological difficulties were afraid to let their feelings show.

Typically, people who are the listeners tend to like people who disclose to them.

When someone discloses their thoughts and feelings, you feel like you know that person better and that you can predict how he or she will react in a given situation.

Complicating matters, if you’re typically an over-sharer, you tend to show your true feelings well before you know how the other person feels.

On the other hand, if you tend to run toward the introverted side, you might never feel like it’s the right time to let your guard down.

The scenario was similar to the real-world situation of meeting someone for the first time and hoping to make a positive impression.

In other words, the type of self-disclosure that influences your success on a first date or job interview.

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You need to figure out how to strike that perfect balance between sharing too much and too little, according to the stage of a relationship.

However, do you end up actually liking that person better than you would if you simply exchanged pleasantries (or complaints) about the commute?

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