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10-May-2014 17:17

Chinese women scold their husbands when they arrive home, demanding to know “Where the hell have you been!? Young Chinese women actively seek out a rich older man, not caring about issues like the number of lovers they have previously taken. Japanese mothers teach their daughters to obey their husbands when they marry, and to show respect for their mother-in-law.

Chinese mothers urge their daughters to get control of their husband’s finances as soon as they can after tying the knot. Japanese women can deal with the fact that a man might not have much money, but they have no time for cowards. Japanese women do not openly speak ill of their men in the media or when in public.

What are your thoughts on this one, ladies and gentlemen of the big, wide world?

Are there any seeds of truth to be found here or is it just kind of typical, provocative trash talk we encounter online all the time?

“Since I wasn’t judged by my appearance, I think I was able to be more outgoing with women,” said 28-year-old Yasumasu Kishi at a weekend speed dating event for 19 men and 18 women.

Dating services are booming in Japan as young people shy from tying the knot.

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When I first came, I felt no guys found me attractive since they never looked my way.

Chinese mothers urge their children to run away from evil as wrongdoers will be punished in the afterlife. Japanese women think that Japan is the greatest country in the world.

Chinese women, on the other hand, often feel that other countries do things better, suffering from “the grass is always greener” syndrome. Although Chinese women who marry Westerners take enormous pride in doing so, for women in Japan, marrying a foreigner is almost an embarrassment. Japanese women are ladies in public but turn into whores between the sheets.

Chiara: I heard too that Japanese men weren’t so interested in foreign women but my experience is kind of the opposite.

But you don’t know if they’re interested in you as a person or because of your foreignness.

And, as my own wife would (hopefully) attest, marrying a foreigner is by no means considered a “shameful” thing for a Japanese national to do, at least not in the 21st century.

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