Dating someone with a cold sore

30-Dec-2014 15:59

Anybody who says, "it's not you, it's me" is beneath contempt.

If youre only dating jerks, It's your people-picker that needs a tune-up.

I guess I'm also a bit POed that he didn't tell me until a year after we started kissing.

I remember 4 months ago I saw this crusty thing on his lip (the relationship is long distance so i see him once every 1-2 weeks so maybe that was a healing cold sore) and had I known he gets cold sores I wouldn't have kissed him since that is when its most contagious.

But even if you did catch them from him, are they really the end of the world? She tells me she got it when she was younger from her mother. Kissing and oral sex should be avoided during a breakout.

You might already have it because it is so very common and a lot of people don't get symptoms.

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Though the chance of spreading it is still significant even when there are no symptoms (which is why so many people contract it).

If you have the antibodies, you have the infection. My ex broke out after an extended fellatio session, which is when she decided to inform me she had it.