Dating teenagers aspergers

06-Aug-2014 20:45

Teenagers with Asperger’s Syndrome or High Functioning Autism often find the world of emotions to be overwhelming and puzzling.

They have problems labeling, or even recognizing, their own emotions.

Freeze half way through a role-playing turn to point out facial expression, tone of voice, and nonverbal clues.

A mirror may be very helpful when practicing this exercise. Using video to identify and label emotions as well as nonverbal clues: Videotape your teenager displaying any naturally occurring emotions throughout the day.

Group similar feelings together (for example, angry, mad, furious, etc.). Draw a four-columned table on another sheet of paper.

Label the tops of the columns with the following terms: Feeling, Situations, Physical Cues, and Body Language.

Have them label the photograph with the nonverbal clues that they find. Using role-playing to identify and label emotions as well as nonverbal clues: Role-playing is a great tool to help teenagers with Asperger’s Syndrome or High Functioning Autism recognize their own emotions, as well as the emotions of others.

Take turns doing role-plays, and guessing each other's emotions.

Help your teenager label the emotions, as well as any nonverbal clues. With your teenager, brainstorm as many different feelings as you can and list them on a sheet of paper.Taking each feeling or group of feelings one at a time, have your teenager work their way through the chart.For example, here’s how the table might be filled in for “anger.” Racing heart, sweaty palms, loud voice, etc.The tendency to become overly preoccupied, misunderstand meanings, and jump to negative conclusions can easily be triggered within the emotionally charged interactions of dating.

Reassure your teen that by being on watch for these developments they can prevent them from causing unnecessary pain and sabotaging success.

Tie these factors to situations that arise so that your teen develops their own relationship compass. note: Detailed information on parenting skills here.

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