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The Djamchids say they work so well together thanks to their parents and because they grew up very close to each other and their two other siblings.“We’re not just sisters, we’re really good friends,” Eden says.“With a band mate, you can be very close, but if it doesn’t work out you can say, ‘OK, we’ll never speak again.’ But we live together, and if we are doing Shabbat dinner afterwards, we have to make it work out because we are part of a family, and in this family, we have to be OK.”But such sibling synchronization is rare, and the Djamchids have gotten lucky: “People come to Eden after the show and say ‘My dream is to do something with my brother or my sister’ or ‘I can’t imagine doing something [like this] with my brother or my sister,’” Shay-Li says.Eleven people were on the stage, which more than quintuples the number of members the band started with, so that they could achieve the full sound of the album.“We wanted everything..string quartet, the trumpet player, everything,” says Eden.In doing this, YOUR consciousness merges with the greater consciousness, becoming part of the whole once more.Out of Eden () – Ram Dass returns to the moment of being cast out of The Garden of Eden.Initially, Eden wanted to sing, but after some prompting from the program’s director, she began to bring her cello.

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We must see what is within us that keeps us from being free.What is the core of the illusion of separateness and how does separateness begin?Ram Dass describes the Christian idea of original sin through another lens.You’re always thinking.”Though they’re based in Jerusalem, the sisters are constantly touring, and their willingness to play house shows – concerts hosted in people’s living rooms – allows them to be heard in smaller cities where there may not be more traditional venues available.

After the long and strenuous process of making a record, Eden says, they are looking forward to playing some small shows “to fill ourselves again.”The only international show they’ve played to date was at a Jewish women’s festival in Krakow, where they played in a synagogue for more than a thousand people.“It was amazing,” Eden says, and even though the crowd wasn’t fluent in Hebrew, people “were very attentive.” It made the sisters rethink whether they need to sing in English to take the next big step and attract an international audience.“The reaction we got from people who don’t know a word of Hebrew – of that they don’t understand, but they did feel something that inspired them to write us and buy our album [after the show],” Eden says.“Until Krakow, I didn’t think that we could have international success,” she adds, “but now I feel more optimistic.”Asked if there is a dream venue that they’d like to play, Shay-Li responds that it’s more about the circumstances than the building: “There’s not a specific venue that I want to play, it’s that I want to perform in front of people in the right place, even if the right place is in front of 70 people. Seeking to reassure those who are partial to the sound of the Djamchids in their purest form, Shay-Li says, “It’s still the essence of us....

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