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Despite not being extremely conservative, Nouran’s parents do not approve of her marrying a foreign man.

A combination of tradition, cultural norms, and religion have turned it into an unbreakable rule.

Having started dating at the fresh age of 19, her family met him and was quickly fond of her English fiancé who knew, however, that he would have to convert to Islam in order to marry her.

“I was lucky because he knew Arabic very well and had always had an interest in Islam and the Qur’an, so converting for him was not a problem; he actually fasts more than I do,” says Malak.

“My family is rather conservative, but they wouldn’t object to us marrying as long as he converts to Islam.

They also didn’t mind that we lived together abroad, but it was sort of a ticking clock as they expected the wedding.

It’s more of a cultural than religious thing,” she considers.

However, as the couple broke up after four years, Nesma changed her outlook on the stereotypes she had associated with her partners’ origins.

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“My family accepted it since the beginning and gets along really well with him,” she says.

Like to walking, listen good music Go outside for a dinner I am honest, caring, loving.

Intercultural marriage is a welcome venture in Egypt, as long as it involves an Egyptian man.

“When I ask why it is forbidden from a rational point of view, they tell me it’s because of the conflicts I will face when marrying a man with a different religion.

They are worried that I will not be able to continue practices such as fasting in Ramadan, and that being exposed to two different cultures might create confusion in my children's mentality and personality.

But what happens when it’s the woman who wants to marry a foreigner?