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Ahmad bin Suwaidan Al Balushi is former Minister of Communication 1984-2000, a post he was appointed to by Sultan Qaboos, Oman’s beloved leader since 1970.He has seen and been involved in the process of warp-speed development in the country, much of which centers around telecommunications and the transfer of information, both from and to the outside world and within the Sultanate itself.Al Mazyun was the group featured on the first evening.I had seen the group perform at the Mahrajan and had met its leader or Rais il-Firqa, Audh Said, who brought 17 musicians and dancers from Yemen to round out his troupe for the many performances they had scheduled for the Mahrajan season.Following take off the man turned around and started talking to me through crack between our rows.A few minutes later he invited me back to my original seat so that we could chat.In fact here in Oman the term Haflah and concert have been used interchangeably.Sheikh Ahmad’s Jalsa was consistent with my expectations.

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I have been practicing this phrase in Arabic for 17 years since my colleague and friend, Dwight Reynolds, exclaimed it to me at a conference where we bumped into each other by surprise.

Sheikh Ahmad’s collection is distinctive in that the great majority of these videos are edited footage of performances that were commissioned for private events in his homes.

Sheikh Ahmad said he would be hosting one of these events within a few days and that he would call me to invite me.

In the musical sense a Jalsa is an event where a group of people who know each other well come together to drink tea, and chat, and listen to music.

There is an expectation that camaraderie among the guests (sami‘a or listening connoisseurs) and between the guests and the musicians will be enhanced by the music itself.The dynamic dancing by women, and men, and women and men together, who typically arose mid-song to dance, embodied patterned choreography in ways that looked completely natural.

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