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Furthermore, hyperactivity is used to describe body parts that are overactive.In fact, the release of adrenaline from your glands is known as a "hyperactive gland," so one might say that all anxiety is the result of hyperactivity in some sense.We understand the frustration you may be experiencing regarding mental illness.It is extremely difficult for doctors to treat and they often do not understand the anguish you are going through personally. The Christians in Recovery Web site is loaded with hundreds of pages of information and files designed to help you learn more about and conquer depression and various mental health issues: Health Polar Talk with others who are in recovery. | see: Part 1 We resist getting help In spite of the abundance of God's love and grace and the many ways in which love and grace are available to us, we do not easily reach out for the help we need.

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For example, fidgeting in one's seat or chair - something that is extremely common with anxiety - is considered hyperactivity, and it relates back to the adrenaline and the way the body copes with stress The difference is that the person may not realize they're doing it. Walking is actually a great tool for stress, and the need to walk may relate to your body telling you that you're anxious.Hyperactivity is a feeling of needing to be active.