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30-Oct-2014 16:28

Their Mediterranean-mountain lifestyle has created an almost perfect ecosystem that allows Ikarians to live well into their 90s.

From the food they sow and eat – mostly fruits, vegetables, beans and olive oil – to the company they keep – they are often up until the wee hours of the morning laughing and playing dominoes, almost every facet of the Ikarians’ day improves their longevity.

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Nearly a century ago, the average lifespan across the world was a mere 31 years old.

Like the people of Okinawa, some (but not all) Seventh-day Adventists of Loma Linda consume a mostly vegetarian diet.

Yet all members of this community experience a longer than average lifespan. Researchers believe they have their religion and faith to thank for those extra years.

However, there are some cities and towns where becoming a centenarian isn’t an anomaly – it’s a cultural rite of passage.

In these very special places, often referred to as Blue Zones, people enjoy nearly two more decades on earth than the rest of us.

Thanks to research by Dan Buettner and National Geographic, we know of several places in the world where people are living longer, healthier lives.

With a 24-hour mandatory Sabbath once a week, people have a chance to take a break from the stress of daily life, which not only gives people a moment to take a collective breath but also allows them to strengthen ties within their church.

Researchers believe this spiritual connection to their religion and community creates an impact in churchgoers’ physical health.

Not only do Nicoyans live longer than their fellow Costa Ricans, but they’re also healthier and less-stressed overall, due in part to plan de vida – having a sense of purpose in life through strong community and familial ties.

Multigenerational families are common in Nicoya, which helps to give centenarians a sense of purpose and belonging, according to National Geographic.

Like the Okinawans, Ikarians also practice calorie restriction and even fast for nearly half the year thanks to their Greek Orthodox religion.

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