Gorgeous men intimidating

23-Mar-2014 18:45

If a man is not happy with what he has achieved, he will definitely have low self-esteem.Naturally, this will make him feel insecure around beautiful women, whom he may believe to be way out of his league.Seriously, I am also guilty of being threatened by other women's beauty. I accompanied my brother Seth, an actor, to an audition for Pepsi in Los Angeles.This audition was different then the many others I attended. I met her when I asked to take her picture for my website, Haute Drop-Off.

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I was intimidated because I happen to be in a room filled with beautiful women?

In a typical case, he’ll think it’s best not to approach her.

Jotted below are 6 reasons why men are intimidated by beautiful women. Asking out a beautiful lady holds the risk of being rejected, which will lead to a great deal of embarrassment.

It was at that moment that I fled Sonia and Starbucks.

How did I not realize Sonia's beauty was making me look like an ugly ducking?A woman, who is considered beautiful, is someone with flawless, lovely features and who has a great sense of style.