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08-May-2016 08:10

If it’s a memorable moment you’re looking for, then how about the bit where the bad guys commandeer a bus, resulting in a high-speed chase and shoot-out through night time city streets?It’s short, exciting, and appears to have been borrowed by Hill himself for the remarkably similar Face/Off (1997) John Woo’s Hollywood action epic was originally supposed to be a vehicle for Stallone and Schwarzenegger, but putting Nic Cage and John Travolta in their place was a masterstroke.You’d think that compiling a list of memorable action movie moments would be quite simple, since there are so many violent, exciting, funny and downright bizarre nuggets to choose from.As we quickly discovered, the sheer number of classic moments in the genre’s history makes whittling them down to 50 extremely tricky.To this end, we’ve established a few arbitrary rules: one, that the movies in question have to be live-action – so the wonderful downhill chase sequence from last year’s , for example, is out of the running.Second, only movies that are in the action genre first and foremost actually qualify.didn’t make as much money, but I’d argue it’s the far superior film, both in terms of its cinematography and action.

It’s hard to choose just one brilliant moment, because there are so many, but the sequence where our hero Bold Cheung (Sammo Hung) fights a hopping zombie fresh from his coffin is a magnificent one, shifting effortlessly from suspense, as Cheung tries to stop the creature from escaping (using hen’s eggs) to full-on action, as the two engage in an expertly choreographed fight.

It’s one of the coolest stunts of the 80s, and also features one of the finest explosions of the decade, too. Its shoot-outs and stunts may seem a little low-key by modern, post-CG standards, but they merely add to the film’s veneer of realism.

And besides, in this memorable moment, where the evil Scorpio has commandeered a school bus full of kids, it’s Eastwood himself who leaps from a bridge and onto the speeding vehicle’s roof. A Better Tomorrow 2 (1987) It’s really no surprise that John Woo’s movies would eventually come to the attention of Hollywood – the real surprise is that it took so long.

Unless you count the primal scream of a feral bad guy, that is.

48 Hrs (1982) The movie that, for better or worse, made Eddie Murphy a huge star, and a great (if somewhat dated) bit of action directing from Walter Hill.Somehow, all the right elements are in place in this first and best entry in the series; the athletic yet relatable, funny hero, the engaging roster of villains, the claustrophobic location, great script, and, of course, brilliantly directed action. If we had to choose, hero John Mc Clane’s slow-motion dive off the roof of the Nakatomi Plaza.

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