Indian speed dating chicago

28-Jul-2015 00:24

Oak Brooks with its large Indian origin population again offers many eateries nearby where you can sample Indian fare and if lucky, make the acquaintance of an attractive guest as well – here some of the places you can check out are Kama Indian, Banda Nawaz, Desi Chillie and Viceroy of India.

Appreciate the culture Chicago’s renowned program in South Asian studies has made Chicago one of the prime destinations for visiting Indian academics, intellectuals, and performing artists.

The 1980 census recorded 33,541 Indians in the Chicago metropolitan region; in 1995, according to informal estimates, their number had grown to 80,000, scattered throughout the suburbs with concentrations in the western and northern suburbs.

So if you have nothing else to do, take time to explore Devon Street in Chicago, near the northwestern suburbs where Indian restaurants proliferate, as do Indian grocery stores, boutiques, electronic stores, video and entertainment shops, and jewelry shops.

In general, I enjoy meeting people who can tell me something different, who possess a little 'je ne sais quoi' and can surprise me at any given moment.

If you can open up my eyes to new possibilities throughout this journey in this funny thing called life, you'll have my undivided attention which isn't easy to do.

So if you are located in the Lincoln State and wish to get to know Indian singles better, here are a few things to keep in mind.

While you may not always qualify to join the avowedly religious associations, you may well tag along a friend or a co-worker to an event or celebration hosted by Indian cultural associations.other cities of Illinois like Oak Brook, Hoffman Estates and Schaumburg also have sizeable Indian American communities.These are mainly white-collar suburbs where managers, professionals and sales and office workers like to settle.Ideally, I'd love to meet someone who has all the answers pertaining to life and all of its mysteries.

If you are out there, please stop by sometime, I've been expecting you.

Chicago’s Museum of Natural History was one of the first venues of Indian-themed events having hosted the Festival of India as early as 1985.