Interracial dating in montgomery al building a godly dating relationship

19-Dec-2016 07:31

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"As an interracial family, we have found it to be a challenge when it came to finding a place of worship," Crystal Moore said.

"Churches are still some of the most segregated places." "Several times we as visitors in various churches have felt uncomfortable," she said. the feeling that someone is staring a hole in your head." Moore said she believes, though, that Christians should be the most accepting people.

Two of the book's primary characters-- white Daniel Muscrove and black prom queen Arnita Beecham --fall in love, to the dismay of most of the other characters.

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Are Christians and the church accepting of interracial dating and marriage?

"We just block out anyone who doesn't accept it." Cater said that she has seen attitudes shift in the church during her lifetime.

"I really am beginning to see a shift in acceptance and understanding.

Today we look at the theme of interracial relationships, which is a key component in "One Mississippi" by Mark Childress.

BIRMINGHAM, Alabama -- The times they are continuing to change. A key component in this month's Red Clay Readers' selection "One Mississippi" is the issue of interracial relationships."All persons are of sacred worth without regard to race, color, national origin, status or economic condition." The Southern Baptist Convention holds a similar stance.