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26-Jan-2015 15:50

She had been murdered in her New York City apartment before the film's release.

At a question and answer session on the film at Sundance, a visibly emotional Russell said, "People had such a nice, warm reaction that I felt like I just can't believe [Shelly] isn't here to experience this. I just feel like we have to talk for her, and get word out about the film," according to a report in (2007), a few months later.

Both Russell and the show have received a warm reception from television critics.

Matthew Rhys plays her husband and fellow covert operative on the show.

Her first big break came when she was selected to join the cast of the latest revival of the classic Disney children's variety show, in 1996.

She played a rich high school student named Chloe who falls in love with a boy from the wrong side of the tracks.

Initially interested in dance, Russell has built a substantial career as an actress.A musical fairy tale of sorts, the film tells the story of two musicians (Russell and Jonathan Rhys Meyers) have a brief encounter, which results in a son.The boy was given to an orphanage by her father after he told her that the baby died.First shown at the Sundance Film Festival, the movie garnered a lot of critical acclaim, especially for Russell.

However, the tragic death of Shelly weighed heavily on the cast.He keeps picking up a cup of tea while speaking and then setting it back down without taking a sip.

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