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28-Nov-2014 21:34

You cover sports and sports work emails to set up accounts, and L. West Virginia had the least, although Alaska and New Mexico were the only states that had any zip codes with no accounts. The Takeaway: The big, bad city isn't looking too shabby now, is it?

Reality Bites: husband Josh Taekman first indignantly denied then admitted to being an account holder, and now his 10-year marriage to Kristen Taekman may be on the rocks.

Forgetting how the internet works, someone posted a statement on the Duggar family's website that included the porn admission and a reference to the molestation scandal that took down in May; within an hour, the statement had been edited to exclude those two things.

And only remembers the first version of the apology. 26, Josh had checked into treatment for undisclosed issues, but this sex therapist had some ideas. Hypocritical Waters Run Deep: On the footsteps of holier-than-thou Josh Duggar's ignominious moment, it was revealed that Sam Rader, of Christian-values-spouting vlog stars Sam and Nia, had an account as well.

The Ashley Madison debacle claimed its latest victim today, yet another man who meant no harm and who had the utmost confidence in the promised privacy of the extramarital hookup site.

That would be CEO Noel Biderman, who resigned a week after hackers released the identities of 37 million alleged Ashley Madison account holders on an unsuspecting world, a data breach that has resulted in an international investigation, lawsuits, widespread embarrassment, and some of the more disturbing statistical graphics we've seen in a while.

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We'll be wearing ours with our favourite skinnies and a cashmere sweater for chic autumnal dressing."We apologize for this unprovoked and criminal intrusion into our customers' information." The Impact Team, meanwhile, demanded that parent company Avid Life Media shut Ashley Madison and another site, Established Men, down.The hackers also went public alleging that Ashley Madison did Time Marches On: That was kinda the end of that story for a while, maybe more than a few husbands endured some sleepless nights, but... The Takeaway: Hmm, maybe the Impact Team isn't so impactful. The Takeaway: The hackers meant business (and have since dropped 20 GB more).We are actively cooperating with international law enforcement in an effort to bring those responsible for the theft of proprietary members and business information to justice." The Takeaway: Ashley Madison still has customers?!

There Could Me More: The hackers told Motherboard in an email exchange that they're still sitting on 300 GB of data, including employee emails and user messages and pics. Art Reflects Life: A scripted series tentatively titled Shushed: Avid Life Media announced Aug.