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15-Oct-2014 05:37

At nighttime, this promenade offers some of the most stunning views of Manhattan, making a picture perfect background to complete a date. This park is pretty secluded, and offers a perfect place for a picnic. Throwing it back to your childhood dates, try taking your partner for a game of mini golf.

With the Brooklyn Bridge right next door, you can then end your night with a long walk. While touristy, The High Line offers views of both Manhattan and New Jersey over the Hudson. entrance, allowing you to actually walk out towards the river. Head over to the north end of the island and you can see Lighthouse Park, where a small red lighthouse is located at the very tip. If you want a free boat ride, check out the Staten Island Ferry. Located on Pier 25, you have a great view of the Hudson River while you attempt to beat each other.

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Restaurant Suggestion: El Vez NYC Looking for inexpensive, live entertainment?

Having planned my own first date in New York City, my hopeless romantic side ventured out to find some of the best places that I could take my partner at the time.

Here are 20 places I've found that could surely impress this upcoming Valentine's Day. The trip to Four Freedoms Park requires a ride on the Roosevelt Island tram, which costs the same amount as subway fare!

Is there anything sexier than being in the ocean and the rush of catching waves together? The endorphin high can be magnified when shared with someone else, too. Being alone in nature together allows you to disconnect from the world around you and fully take in the moment. This is a great way to build trust and have a silly, fun time together. The challenge & feat of getting to the top together will make you feel closer. Just the excitement of trying something neither of you have done before will bring you closer together. Instead of going out to dinner, why not break the ice and have a lot more fun by learning to cook a new meal? Take your minds on an adventure and practice mindful breathing and visualization at a meditation class. Get to know your partner’s tastes at a market or street fair.

The experience will bond the two of you and it takes a lot of communication to successfully get down a river. It’s a well-known fact that exercising releases endorphins, or those feel good chemicals that give us that feeling of euphoria. Get a great full body workout together while taking in the serenity of being on the water. Maybe it’s not in the cards to have a physically demanding date, but you can still get adventurous! Find a shared interest and go learn more about the topic together at a museum that’s new to you both. There’s nothing like getting off the grid and going on an overnight camping trip to feel more intimate with someone.It's an inexpensive date, and you can spend hours here if you don't drop the ball. It's definitely for an old soul, and a date idea that will surely make a heart swoon.