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02-Dec-2015 01:41

We envision directors as predominately male, but also as slightly manic.

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Of course, directors aren’t the only celebrities getting a free pass.Doubling down on his bad decisions for the day, Gibson took this opportunity to unleash a trigger warning-worthy tirade of word vomit.He called a female police officer “sugar tits,” and told another arresting officer, “I own Malibu…Performers like Sean Penn, Johnny Depp, and Chris Brown have all emerged more or less unscathed from public opinion purgatory.

But there’s something about the timing of Gibson’s comeback that makes his predictable Hollywood redemption feel particularly icky.

Beginning with The Passion of the Christ, Gibson has been cast as a sort of Trumpian figure—a lone wolf, condemned by the politically correct media, voicing the (bad) opinions that people are generally reticent to share on the record.

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