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23-Mar-2016 23:39

"I knew Linda was a foul-mouthed prostitute and I had to dress accordingly so I found this crazy Jean Paul Gaultier dress with these bumblebee neon stripes.

And he said: 'I want you work on the voice because not only is she cheap but she's stupid.' But I wanted to make her ridiculous in a heart-rending way."Sorvino made the right call, rescuing a character that might otherwise have been tinged with misogyny.

More like I made three genre films in a row, but that was because I was dating Quentin Tarantino at the time..."Having said that, I worked with Guillermo del Toro [in the 1997 horror film Mimic, in which she played an entomologist faced with killer insects] before anyone knew how great he was, and Antoine Fuqua [in the 1998 action film The Replacement Killers] who has since then directed people on to Oscars." She was ahead of the curve then?

"Yes, but maybe the giant cockroach theme [in Mimic] was a little off-putting to some."She might add that after her Oscar triumph, Sorvino deliberately avoided typecasting.

Heck, half the time it was hard to remember if they were really dating. "They had a lovely talk about the whole thing." Sorvino's people back-up the use of the term, "amicable." Tarantino, 34, and Sorvino, 30, hooked up in early 1996.

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The split comes as Tarantino is ensconced in Boston for a trial run of his Broadway stage vehicle, a revival of Wait Until Dark.

"I did what I call my dumb-blonde trilogy," she says.

"There was Mighty Aphrodite, Romy and Michele's High School Reunion, and Norma Jean & Marilyn Monroe for HBO where I got to play lovely Marilyn Monroe.

The scene where she mistakes Allen, who has tracked her down to her apartment, for a punter, is full of marvellous slapstick sexuality.

Was she nervous of having to enact the seduction of one of the icons of American cinema?"The only reason to wish for a more mainstream career is to be a multimillionaire," she says. The thing is now I have my four children [with her husband, the actor Christopher Backus] and that's the heart of my life, so my career is gravy for me."Nowadays, like many other art-house cinema stalwarts, she is excited by the possibilities of cable television drama.

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