Most intimidating masks

17-May-2014 15:13

While Manson has become less and less scary and controversial in the past years, there were few artists in the ‘90s as shocking as Marilyn Manson. Gorgoroth Norwegian black metal band Gorgoroth allegedly got its start after guitarist made a deal with the devil.

At a concert in Poland, the band put sheep heads on stakes, had four naked crucifixes on stage and featured 80 liters of sheep’s blood.

The band was charged under the police, but were let go when they admitted they didn’t know what they were doing was illegal. Allin & The Murder Junkies GG Allin, born Jesus Christ Allin, used to take laxatives before sets so that he could defecate on stage and throw it into the audience.

The band later went on to recreate the concert for their video “Carving a Giant.” 3. Allin was known for ending his shows covered in feces and blood, and spoke several times about how he planned on committing suicide on stage. Black Sabbath It may seems tame in retrospect, but Black Sabbath was one of the first bands to introduce the heavy use of occult and horror ideals into their lyrics.

Their lyrics have inspired a pair of killers and a grave robbing, making the band scarier than just a group of guys in masks. Gwar Speaking of bands in masks, Gwar are more well known for their insane outfits and stage presence than their music.

The band’s many members all known by unusual names such as Oderus Urungus and Sleazy P. Their shows include mini-plays that include parodies of everyone from George W.

From fashion to art, these intimidating gas masks have found other callings that will keep them in contemporary society for decades to come.

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” This line seems to summarize the controversy that has been behind Eminem’s extremely successful career.The band moved to a house in a forest, where Dead committed suicide.

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