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Already in Yangon, the largest and most-visited city, high-end hotels have filled up with more sex workers seeking foreign men.Ethical tourism advocates fear a future Myanmar with “more prostitutes than monks.” Even the party of Aung San Suu Kyi, the Nobel Peace Prize-winning daughter of Myanmar’s independence hero, has spoken about a “callous expectation of sex tourists” and the specter of “social exploitation.”This would mark an unfortunate return to a previous era, before the military’s reign, when English colonialists lorded over the country.

And there's anxiety about what will happen when the beloved king dies.

A new report, however, warns that Myanmar is “poorly prepared” to handle this flood of visitors.

The report, by the Myanmar Centre for Responsible Business, suggests developing Myanmar as a “destination for smaller numbers of high-spending tourists looking for an experience that makes Myanmar special.” That is an alternative to simply seeking to jack up the number of arrivals.

Local officials report the island is vulnerable to floods and frequented by pirates, according to Agence France-Presse.

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Human Rights Watch called the plan “cruel and unworkable.” But for Rohingya refugees, options are limited: “We have no other way but to follow [the] Bangladesh government’s order,” said Abu Bakar Siddique, president of the unregistered Rohingya in a Bangladeshi camp.

Based on interview data, some speculate Myanmar’s military viewed men between 17 and 45 as potential militants and detained or killed them.

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