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17-Dec-2014 12:53

When the banks settled with the states on foreclosure fraud, Kamala held out to get more money for California.However, since then, we haven’t seen any follow through on prosecuting any of the bankers or cracking down on other predatory lending.

In other races, the contest has changed slightly, but there was never any doubt that we’d be endorsing the same candidate again…we’ve mostly just copy-pasted our text from the June races.Meanwhile, Wiener’s neoliberal approach is content to let developers maximize their profits and let the market sort things out.On public safety, Wiener prioritizes hiring more cops over everything else and sides with the Police Officers Association who think the SFPD is doing a bang-up job.- Hell Yes Prop G: Rename the Office of Citizen Complaints - Sure :/Prop H: Create a Public Advocate - Yes Prop I: Set Aside Funding for Seniors & People with Disabilities - Yes Prop J: Set Aside Funding for Homelessness & Transportation - Yes Prop K: Sales Tax to Cover Prop J’s Set Aside - Yes Prop L: Shift 3 of 7 MTA Board Appointments from Mayor to the Bo S - Yes Prop M: Create Oversight Commission & Kill Realtor Props P & U - Yes Prop N: Non-Citizen Voting in School Board Elections - Hell Yes Prop O: Special Favor for Lennar Corp on Office Development - No Prop P: Snarl Affordable Housing in Red Tape - Hell No Prop Q: Demonize the Homeless for Political Gain - Fuck No Prop R: Micromanage the Police Department - No Prop S: Reallocate Hotel Tax to Arts and Homeless Family Services - Yes Prop T: Restrict Campaign Contributions from Lobbyists - Yes Prop U: Eliminate Affordable Housing - Hell No Prop V: One Cent an Ounce Soda Tax - Yes Prop W: Luxury Property Transfer Tax - Hell Yes Prop X: Preserve Industrial and Arts Spaces - Yes Prop RR: .5 Billion Bond to Repair & Upgrade BART - Yes Like our voter guide?

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For several years she served on the Land Use Committee where she got into many important but technical legislative debates with Scott Wiener.