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04-Jun-2014 19:43

The cases include 87 involving fraud and other financial crimes, 38 cases of illegal hacking, and 92 cases of defamation and extortion.The electronic patrol team has set up special forums and used assumed names in an attempt to collect information about potential criminal activity.“In addition, an online surveillance team was set up by Dubai Police to carry out around-the-clock checks on the internet.The team, known as e-police, investigated a total of 222 cases in 2008.Websites pertaining to anonymizer tools, hacking, translation tools (as these have been used as proxies) and Vo IP applications are also filtered in this manner.Lastly, there are government efforts to monitor internet activities in public cafe´s, to ensure that connections provided there do not bypass national filtering.He was reacting to an inquiry concerning how the police could follow guilty parties included in internet extortion and other internet-related criminal acts, by utilizing a VPN service.While legal action may not be started against anybody for just utilizing a VPN service, extra charges be pressed against an individual if they are caught taking part in illegal online activities where the person is ‘found to have utilized a VPN as a part of the illegal act(s).’ They furthermore implied that once a suspect is recognized, he/she would be under constant surveillance.

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The couple were eventually allowed to leave Dubai after producing a marriage certificate and dropping the allegations of rape against the attacker.

Additionally, the state has extended its filtering scheme to the Dubai ‘free zones,’ which previously enjoyed unfettered internet access, and has increased the depth of technical filtering, blocking more websites across broader categories.

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