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16-Apr-2016 08:12

He seems to be developing a romantic interest in Chisato but seeing his brothers also feeling the same way, particularly after seeing both Sho and Chisato, he holds his feelings inside.25 years old third son, Sho works as a host who moves from establishment to establishment to maintain his status as number one host based on his outward appearance and his conversational abilities.

Initially living outside the Ōkura household, he cares for Riki, his son, and works as door-to-door salesman at day and as host in night. He develops a romantic interest in Chisato.22 years old fourth son, Masaru is the charismatic model of an exclusive magazine.

Her father, an impulsive gambler, has disappeared, leaving her with a 100 million Yen debt.

After marrying Shinzo Okura, she becomes the stepmother of his six sons.

Fu is revealed to be Chisato's older half brother.27 years old second son, Takeru is a member of a delinquent bike gang, yet is kind-hearted.

Originally, Takeru believed that his father wanted him to become Shinzo's son so that Takeru could inherit money and send it to his father, but in time, it becomes apparent that was not the real reason why Takeru's father sent him to the Okura household.

One day she gets caught by debt-collectors to force her to pay the 100 million Yen debt her father left behind.He is very popular among the ladies, but something in his past caused him to have a phobia of women so severe that he can't be within one meter of a woman.

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