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23-Mar-2015 14:17

Virtually every porn/cybersex addict reaches the point where he realizes the craving is simply too powerful; he cannot stop without help.PORN ADDICTION, LIKE OTHER ADDICTIONS, BUILDS UP A TOLERANCE Alcoholics are notorious for their ability to consume enormous amounts of liquor; chain smokers can burn through several packs of cigarettes a day.For some, pornography and cybersex are simply part of the process of becoming sexually aroused and excited to the point of peak experience.Pornography and cybersex are a means to satisfy a sexual urge.It is the same with pornography and cybersex chat-greater and greater stimulation is needed to produce an ever-diminishing gratifiĀ­cation.Porn and cybersex addicts have acquired a tolerance to perverse and obscene material, material that would leave most sick to their stomachs.

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An alcoholic gets the shakes without alcohol; the porn and cybersex addict's world starts to shake when the overwhelming urge to view pornography or start up a cybersex conversation hits and he can't get online.He may put stacks of files in his briefcase and bring them home, going on and on about how "swamped" he is.