Perl script validating email

10-Jun-2016 03:16

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The validation script will utilize the check_email function.

The beauty of the check_email function is that it can be used over and over again.

I'd be interested to see other people's ideas, though.

It's still not going to verify you an address fersure, properly, 100% guaranteed legit, though. Well, you could also: * verify that the address is either a correct dotted-decimal IP, or contains letters.

Below is a simple example of a simple form that asks for two email addresses.

Note that the keyword this is passed to the check_form function. Copy and paste all three sections of code above into a document (in any order) and you will have working example.

* see if the given address is accepted by the server as a recipient or sender (this fails for yahoo.*, which blocks after a few attempts, assuming you are a spammer, and for other domains like,* remove reserved domains (.localhost, .example, .test, .invalid), reserved IP ranges, and so forth from the address.* check for banned domains (, ..) * check for known TLDs including alt tlds.The check_email function will validate an email address entered by a user in real time and return a false or negative value if the email address is not in a valid format.

Copy and paste this function into your document, then follow the instructions below. This used to be 3 before the new domain suffixes were released (.info, .name).

Perl Scripts All Count Attachment Mailer Build A FAQ Plus Clock In Center e Backup Automated Easy Poll e Survey Fetch a File Form Maker Mailing List Server My SQL Mate PDF Creation QCart Quick Fix Quote of the day Speed Search Task Manager Traffic Pack Upload Plus Upload Gold Upload Pro Website Manager This free Java Script will validate an email address entered into a form. This script will work in any browser on any platform, even in IE 2.0 on a Macintosh!