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28-Sep-2014 00:13

“There is a question of momentum,” says Guillaume Catala, Susiarjo’s partner in the Expo.

But there is a flicker of life in the locals: Films such as “The Raid” and its sequel earned worldwide distribution, while HBO Asia recently unveiled its first regional sci-fi series, “Halfworlds,” directed by Indonesia’s best-known helmer, Joko Anwar, whose “A Copy of My Mind” played Toronto and Venice.

Lippo’s stated aim is to have 2,000 screens at 300 locations in 10 years.

“We see the market growing to 5,000 to 6,000 screens over the next decade.

While unveiling the new liberalization of the film biz, Widodo also reaffirmed that Indonesian cinemas must give 60% of their screen time to local films.

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While that law already exists, it has been largely ignored.Indonesia’s stagnant media sector may get a shot in the arm after President Joko Widodo announced that the film industry would be taken off the so-called negative list of businesses in which foreign ownership was banned.