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The Fiduciary Group is a leading global strategy and operations consulting firm that provides cost reduction solutions across all major industries and all business functions.Through extensive research and benchmarking, we have found that the strongest enabler of scalable, sustainable cost reduction is a strategically designed service delivery model that defines how certain work gets done, where and by whom.There is one God, who created all things, infinitely perfect and always existing in three persons – Father, Son, and Holy Spirit.We believe that Jesus Christ is the Son; He is fully God and fully human.We are called to lay aside our old lives, be filled with the Holy Spirit, renew our minds diligently with the teaching of the Bible, and submit every part of our lives to the will of God.A new set of virtues, motivations and morals will characterize our lives.

That humanity was created in the image of God but rebelled and fell into sin.That the Gospel of Jesus Christ is for daily living as much as it is for initial conversion.Every day we need the grace and truth that Jesus brings.Death entered the world through sin, and humanity is now lost, a prisoner to sin and death, and separated from God our Maker.

God has always supplied sinful humanity with His acceptable way of forgiveness and rescue from the power of death and sin.

It is the final authority for all of a Christian’s life.