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Butterfield has said that if he’d launched Slack three years earlier, it wouldn’t have been a success.

That’s partly because people who grew up fluent in memes are just mature enough to begin to exert cultural pressure in their offices.

It’s painted in a prep-school plaid pattern with a jellybean color scheme.) and enjoy a related GIF (like Homer Simpson spinning his office chair around and around in a nuclear power plant).

When the College Humor offices first discovered the Giphy feature, late one Friday afternoon, they couldn’t stop summoning GIF after GIF, leading to “the most nonsense traffic jam ever,” says College Humor writer-director Paul Briganti; the company ultimately made its own Giphy channel to prevent the tool from totally derailing actual work threads.

But Slack makes the workspace itself feel like a game.

(staffers to guess how many messages are public, answers ranged from 20 percent to 80 percent; that’s a long way from 4 percent.

The real numbers are “insane,” Lowder Slacked when he heard them.

First, they programmed Slack so that “anytime I said anything, it came out as a GIF,” Thomas says.

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“Then they set up a bot to tell me I was fired every time I posted.” Slack’s sway over the dynamics of a workplace is so strong, it’s capable of overpowering the physical design of the actual office.When she thanks Slack Bot, Slack Bot replies, “For sure!