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Our advanced technology sends prompt alerts so you can take immediate action. With Bank and Credit Card Activity Alerts you receive smart notifications when a charge, withdrawal or balance transfer exceeds a dollar amount determined by you.

Help quickly spot credit card fraud and bank account fraud in one centralized place.

Bad credit can limit your access to any loan, mobile phone purchases, even your ability to rent an apartment.

Identity Force constantly monitors your credit files every day to look for key changes such as the opening of new accounts, credit inquiries, exceeding credit limit, or missed payments.

Our online lifestyles leave us more vulnerable than ever to identity theft.

For example, if a department store has a breach due to theft, your information can be used to open credit cards, apply for loans, and worse.

If you break these rules you are not committing a crime but Facebook can stop you from continuing to use its site.

Example Mark created a Facebook profile using the personal information of a classmate of his, Barry Schnelle.

It’s so important to keep an eye on your credit by scouring your credit reports.

Good credit ensures lower interest loans on cars and mortgages.Mark changed the name to Barry Smells and put in all of Barry’s personal information, including his date of birth, home address and a number of photos.