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Coming from Visual Basic 6.0, this is exciting; I wrote an application that uses a system tray icon, a timer, and a context menu without requiring an invisible Form.

I do not write Socket code for a living, and (as someone who uses Microsoft software) you should be happy about that. NET code though, so I thought it would be more enjoyable and/or educational for you to watch me wander around in the System.

That blissful feeling was quickly slipping away; I had to do some research, fast.

It turns out those seven unread messages were in her hotmail inbox, but that the value shown on the logon screen was being set using the extremely well-named SHSet Unread Mail Count API call.

If I was feeling pretentious, I suppose I would call this the "refactoring" stage, but Microsoft® Word has put a red-squiggle under that term, and I am inclined to agree with its assessment. NET, don't be scared—they are quite straightforward. Public Sub New(By Val server As String, _ By Val port As Integer, _ By Val delay As Integer) Try m_Client = New Tcp Client() m_Client. Get Stream() m_Delay = delay Dim s Response As String = Get Response(). Substring(0, 3) " OK" Then Throw New Exception("Connection Failed") End If Catch se As Socket Exception Msg Box(se. Dim s Output As String = "" Dim input As Integer Dim str(4096) As Byte Dim start Time As Date = Now Dim end Condition As String If multi Line Then end Condition = vb Cr Lf & vb Cr Lf & "." Else end Condition = vb Cr Lf End If Do While m_NS. If you want to see some examples of using Stream Reader/Stream Writer with a Network Stream, check out this MSDN Magazine article by Andrew Duthie.

I was able to get a connection working and sending data in only a few minutes. Once I was sending and receiving successfully, I wanted to work with my sockets code from a higher level (as if someone else wrote it and I did not care how it worked), so I decided to abstract that code into a utility class.

This was a wonderful feature for her, as she could quickly walk by the computer and see if she had new e-mail messages, without having to enter her password. Sadly, it always showed the same thing, 7 unread e-mail messages, even though Laura did not have any unread e-mail messages at all.

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