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My experience this week with my family may be biased due to my incredible birthday treat and life time personnel goal.My daughter arranged for myself to dive with the sharks at DSW, an experience I will never forget.The music is hypnotic, and watching the jellyfish move gracefully through the water is spellbinding.Also new for 2012 is a ‘Behind the Scenes’ tour, where you can find out how the Centre’s life support, filtration and water systems work, watch food being prepared for the animals and see the tiniest newly-hatched seahorses and fish.We have been a couple of times before together and with friends.Excellent range of things to see and my little one loved the tunnel!

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Jellyfish glide serenely up and down in enormous lava lamp-style tanks, and neon lighting turns the creatures into a space age experience.

Owner description: Deep Sea World is located underneath the iconic Forth Rail Bridge, in the quaint village of North Queensferry. The place is showing its age (I remember it's opening in the 90's) and was pretty quiet.