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Again, nothing unexpected happens here, but we shall see if this leads to any further character development for Cara in future episodes.

tends to rely most heavily on the slow-mo action shots to spice up the visuals, but this time they get a little more artistic, first with the scene of the Prelate and Sister Verna on the hill, looking down at Richard lost in the desert.

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Meanwhile, Charisma Carpenter () will guest-star in the season premiere as Triana, a wicked Mord'Sith.

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Unfortunately, watching Cara open up so quickly to Leo is a dead giveaway that his character is doomed.

While lost in the Valley of Perdition, Richard is forced to experience his worst nightmares come to life, a version of what might have been for Richard and his friends if things had gone terribly wrong.

The scenes are so filled with heartbreak that when Richard and his friends are finally reunited at the end it is even more of a relief than it would have already been.

Making the same mistake she made last week with Richard, the Prelate chooses to lie to Kahlan in order to try to force Kahlan to do what she wants.

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This would be a more interesting exploration of the concept of free will versus a preordained future, if we hadn't already gone through a similar scenario last episode.Of course, this is soon overshadowed by even greater tragedy.