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Subba Rao, founder of Hindu Samaj in Rajahmundry, was also one of the six founders of India's noted English daily, The Hindu.The rebirth of culture in Andhra Pradesh started in Rajahmundry.Ruler timeline: In the Madras Presidency, the district of Rajahmundry was created in 1823.

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Godavari district was further bifurcated into East and West Godavari districts in 1925.Rajamahendravaram was renamed Rajahmundry during the rule of the British, for whom the city was the headquarters of the Godavari district.When the district was split into East and West, Kakinada became the headquarters of East Godavari.Today, the Fort Gate is not there, but a wall (only a part) covering the main street (through which elephants, horses etc. The fort was constructed between the 8th and 11th centuries during the reign of the Chalukyas. They converted it into a jail in 1864 and, then, elevated it to a central jail in 1870.

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Even today, we see the Kandakam Street (Kandakam – moat or a big canal dug around a fort and filled with water to stop the enemy entering – generally 20 feet (6.1 m) deep and 50 feet (15 m) wide). The jail is spread over 196 acres (79 ha) out of which the buildings occupy 37.24 acres (15.07 ha). There is paddy and sugarcane cultivation in the area.Independence movement and Rajahmundry: (1885–1905 AD) Vande Mataram Movement was started in the year 1905 against the partition of Bengal.