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05-Dec-2014 07:56

The company aims to provide the ultimate customer engagement tool, including using proprietary AI and chatbot technology to allow conversations at scale.

Better Brand / UK / Marketing https://twitter.com/betterbrand_co Better Brand says it is the first management platform of its kind for publishers and marketers to create and scale chat campaigns across multiple chat apps simultaneously.

If users have more complex requests a human agent takes over to help.

The compay aspires to be a one-stop destination for all of purchasing.

Eternime / USA / Digital afterlife https://twitter.com/eterni__me Eternime wants to let people create avatars of themselves that learn their speech patterns and life stories, and can then converse with loved ones after death.

Eternime aims to preserve your most important thoughts, stories and memories for eternity.

Chatbots are programs that mimic conversation with people using artificial intelligence.

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With recent advances in AI these have become much more accurate, especially when focused on a specific domain.

Aivo / Argentina / Customer service agents https://twitter.com/Aivo_en Aivo develops automated software solutions with the goal of changing the way companies and people communicate.

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