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I’ve been giving increasingly less fucks in the past few weeks and it’s interesting to see how people are taking it. Some people say I’m a pig, that I like sex too much. After a long and drawn out, over annunciated request, she “politely” asked him why he was talking to her as if she was autistic. We’ve run into a real motherfucker – Laura, the waitress. It was funny to see a friend of mine who has accused me of being rude to servers, multiple times, talking “politely” to our waitress. Next time you’re at a bar watch a guy get up and go to the bathroom. Most of us carry the weight of a full fuckin knight suit on our shoulders.I am twenty-six now, which is a common age for a girl to get married in my community. And once I get married to a Nepali guy, I know I will be qualified enough to apply for the citizenship of this country.I am not American, and I do not live in the US, and to be honest the whole dating system you guys have there is new to me, and kind of hard to understand.

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We had all decided to come back to my place after a night out in Miami.

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