Updating my address book bebo virus

28-Jun-2016 08:00

The online world was rocked to its knees Thursday by a pernicious little virus that affects Windows users running Microsoft Outlook. According to the experts, it's already affected half of all email users in the United States.

And if the recent antitrust trial didn't provide any indication, that's a lot of you: Huge corporations such as Ford Motor Company, Merrill Lynch, and even the CIA experienced massive email outages yesterday because of the "VBS. Here's the deal: The Love Bug is a fairly complicated VBScript script that infiltrates a user's Outlook address book when the code is opened.

However, if you're not running such a program, I recommend heading over to Computer Associates' Web site and following their instructions to manually delete the virus, or use their automated virus removal program.Simply receiving the attachment will not harm your system.