Updating palm software

08-Aug-2015 07:39

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First I’ll talk about installing it from scratch — assuming that you’re starting from web OS and you’ve never installed Android on the tablet before. Visit the Java download page from your Windows, Mac, or Linux computer and download and install the latest version. Install Palm Novacom driver There are several ways to install the Palm Novacom software, but the easiest is to use the Universal Novacom Installer.

Further down in the article I’ll also explain how to upgrade from Cyanogen Mod 7 or other Android software. You can download the file from Google Code, and once it’s downloaded, click it to run.

Then copy these files from your PC to that new folder: If you’re already running an earlier build of Android, you can restart much more quickly just by pressing and holding the power button and then choosing the restart option. Press and hold the volume button As soon as the screen goes dark, press the volume up button until you see a big USB icon on your screen.

Then wait for your computer to install any drivers.

Just substitute the g Apps zip file for the update-charger Fix file.

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Original (outdated) guide: Here’s how you can install Cyanogen Mod or other custom Android ROMs on the HP Touch Pad.There are a number of different places to find g Apps files.