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05-Dec-2014 00:09

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Key Contacts Missed Paper: (406) 447-4010 before 9 a.m.Circulation: (406) 447-4010 Classifieds: (406) 447-4040 Newsroom: [email protected] Time: [email protected]: (406) 447-4000 Click here for advertising information CIRCULATION If your paper is late or you have missed delivery, please call 447-4010 before 9 a.m.Additional products including a mobile solution will be released later this year.Jumio’s pre-launch negotiations attracted an impressive list of partners.Indiana University has adopted the Uni Com service (using Microsoft Lync/Skype for Business) as the primary telephone service for faculty and staff.To use audio and video features of Uni Com, you will need appropriate equipment.Through secure videostreaming, the credit card details are recognized and verfied.

Jumio is the inventor of Netswipe, a patent pending solution that turns any webcam into a credit card reader.

At a time when both consumers and businesses are looking for more efficient and safe ways to make credit card purchases, Netswipe promises to usher in a new era of disruption that makes online payments easier than ever before.”Netswipe is the first and only solution that enables online card-present-transactions: Checking out just like at the point of sale (POS).

To complete a transaction, consumers briefly hold their credit card in front of their webcam.

Jumio’s patent pending Netswipe solution turns any webcam into a secure credit card reader that allows merchants to more easily and efficiently accept payments online.“Jumio bridges the gap between the security and trust of credit card payments at the point of sale and the availability and convenience of modern day online transactions,” says Jumio founder and CEO Daniel Mattes.

“Consumers love the ease-of-use and the smooth experience associated with completing a transaction.

Alternatively, you can search at the Indiana University FSS Purchasing Page, which may offer easier navigation.