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That road included graduating from Juilliard, working in theater – both plays and musicals – and eventually television, on the Lifetime series “Army Wives.” But it’s her starring role as school teacher Elizabeth Thatcher on the Hallmark Channel’s top-rated series “When Calls the Heart” that has earned her an ever-growing fan base and allowed her talent to shine.Erin joined me recently on “Christopher Closeup” to discuss season three of “When Calls the Heart,” what it means to her to be a role model for young women through the show, her affection for her fans, the gratifying nature of working on a program families can watch together, how social media has made TV more like theater, and much more.Then this season, not to give too much away, we’re back in Hope Valley. And we’re seeing that Elizabeth has learned – and is continuing to learn – how to stand on her own two feet. She puts herself in a situation that is scary and new to do this thing that she loves. So to see her in a position where she was maybe waffling a bit – she was being seduced by the comforts of home and being with her family and reintroduced to this childhood friend who has turned into quite the eligible bachelor. How does that story element resonate with you and your fellow actors – but also with viewers?She’s realizing how important it is to her to be independent, to be this strong woman, to know how to take care of herself – and that’s not just to prove it to everyone else, but to herself as well. Bringing that aspect of the character to life after searching last season? There were a lot of things that were pulling at her. And getting to play her this season as someone who knows where she belongs and what she wants to be doing – it’s nice! Erin Krakow: We start the whole show just after a tragic disaster in the mine that left many of these women without their husbands and children without their fathers.TR: I interviewed executive producer Brian Bird before season two started, and the thing I said to him is that when I was a kid, my parents would look for TV shows that we could watch together that they wouldn’t be embarrassed to watch with me. [We] hear from the fans that this is a show they can watch with any member of their family.

There’s something to be learned from every episode.

Jack Thornton, the Mountie of the town, is resentful of her because he feels her father has taken him away from his dream post to bring him to town to babysit her.