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She is also an Honorary University Fellow at the Department of Politics, University of Exeter and writes as a senior analyst for Wikistrat on Russsia in international relations. The second focuses on Russia’s changing role in Central Asia in the light of emerging security challenges, domestic drivers of policies towards the region, and evolving state identity.

The paper on this theme will be presented at the BISA Working Group on Russian and Eurasian Security in June 2012.

"The school has consistently performed well since its inception," noted UNHCR education officer, Mohamud Hure, who added that Naomi's achievement "further cements the importance and impact of providing a safe learning environment for refugees." She's also become an inspiration to others.

"We are proud of what she has achieved," says Anyuak, a Class 5 student.

Wolfe eagerly took on as many stunts as she was allowed, including hanging out the window (while safely harnessed) during a storm-swept pivotal scene.

"We had all the elements of the rain and wind going. And the demonic stare the possessed Hodgson gives onscreen?

The new chapter of paranormal investigators Ed and Lorraine Warren (again played by Patrick Wilson and Vera Farmiga) follows the sensational 1977 British story of the real-life Hodgson family from Enfield, England, who claimed their house was plagued by angry spirits who inhabited 11-year-old Janet Hodgson.

(Skeptics labeled the incidents a hoax.)Wan surprised himself during his worldwide search for the pivotal role of North London-born Janet, when he was captivated by the audition of Wolfe, a supremely self-possessed New Orleans middle schooler."I was very nervous because Janet is the spine of the movie,” says Wan.

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Today, some 250 girls study there, including refugees from Sudan, South Sudan, Somalia, Democratic Republic of the Congo, Ethiopia, Burundi and Uganda as well as some girls from the host community."Everywhere I go, people call me and come to shake my hand," she tells visitors to Kakuma camp where she studied in a school known locally as the Angelina Jolie Primary School.