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keeps us frantically turning from wife to other woman to compare and contrast and try to uncover the details and more controversy.

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It is because something else is fractured and it can feel relatively easy to heal (or at least numb the pain) to wedge a new and exciting person there. It just shows it is a more massive thing than sex with someone else. The marriage may not survive the symptom of infidelity nor the critical illness that is a part of for the couple. Sometimes the relationship with the other woman lasts. It's the bigger diagnosis more of us should examine.

He is the one who was married, the one who took vows, the person who lied, cheated and sometimes, even steals to see his unfaithfulness through. It's not just because he's married to a size 14 and a size 6 comes along.

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I have a little challenge with what my lecturer said in class.

I disagree with explanation but don't know how to convince myself. Eye-color in drosophila is a sex-linked trait in which a white eye male was crossed with a red eye female.

The F1 generation consist of 54 white eye and 49 red eye female; and 47 white eye and 50 red eye male. He said and I quote I disagreed because his explanation didn't account for the red eye f1 female generation and the white eye f1 male generation....

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Statistical methods for disease and genetic marker associations using cases and their parents.

The person we should be focusing on is the man in the middle. If someone cheats, it is a symptom of a much bigger illness.

" Whore or homely, we don't justify his cheating because of his looks. In that manic reaction, we miss the point, we skip the blame.

And we want that to be plastered side-by-side of the wife in her velour sweatsuit or outdated pantsuit, with hair that could use highlights and a body still holding on to the baby weight.

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Of course, that's not every picture of infidelity that is plastered either in our own personal memories or on the cover of celebrity gossip mags.

For the image: In this cross we have a heterozygous red eyed female (XWXw) crossed with a white eyed male (Xw Y).